Jing Chun Tan(aka Spiderlili) is an artist, designer, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, programmer, producer and developer. Her creative work spans a wide range of disciplines including drawing, painting, 3D Artgraphic design, photography, videos, animations, games, websites, apps, music and sound design. In her spare time, she loves travelling(over 20 countries and counting) and learning new things such as martial arts, history, science, architecture, psychology, anatomy, magic, etc..

Growing up in China, Yorkshire and London with an over-active imagination, she finds delight in all things creative and draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources. This passion started from a very early age: she has been drawing since she could hold a pencil, playing games since she could hold a console and messing around with the piano before she could reach the pedals. Being an enthusiast for both human and machine languages, she sings in Chinese, English, Japanese, Sanskrit and codes in C#(with Unity), C++(with Unreal Engine), Java, Processing, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the belief that music is the true universal language, she aims to use her music to transcend words and feelings.

She loves all types of media but her biggest passion is digital entertainment. Audio-Visual Storytelling is an exciting way to make her worlds come to life. She won a national game writing competition which was hosted by Sina Games – one of China’s biggest game companies – and visited their studio in Beijing. It was a hugely inspiring experience to meet the game developers. She started teaching herself programming and discovered the thrill of making games when she was eighteen, after receiving many positive reviews for her first game. It was from there that she decided to pursue a career in the digital entertainment industry, where she can combine all of her skills.

Her aspirations for the future are to continue developing her skills and to collaborate with others(musicians, dancers, programmers, actors, photographers, film makers, game makers, writers….the whole lot) in creating amazing digital entertainment which inspires people.