3D Scanning – VRTGO Conference Notes

3D Scanning

  • Digitising an object from the real world
  • capturing its shape and form
  • create a high resolution 3D polygonal mesh
  • Does not define the material of a surface

3D Scanning Setup

Different capture methods for different subjects

Static subject

  • Single DSLR – Capturing all angles of a subject “i.e. building”
  • UAV – Use an aerial camera device to capture angles from above
  • Lidar – faro scanner

Moving subject 2D

  • Synchronised stills capture from many angles
  • Not mobile


  • Requires gen-locked video cameras
  • Not mobile

What Next?

  • Incorporating motion capture into body scanning
  • defining surface material from photos
  • multiple lighting setups
  • advanced automation
  • rapid processing
  • 4D enhancements
  • Light field video

Watch for:

  • Magic leap
  • Microsoft hololens
  • Reality capture
  • Agisoft
  • Nels Isrealson
  • Hammerhead vr
  • Timeslice films
  • Autism and vr: 3dnovations