Mindhole: A Mental Exploration Game

Winner of Escape Studio Game Jam 2016

This weekend I took part in the Escape Studios’ Game Jam, in partnership with Playhubs @Somerset House. It’s been an amazing 48 hours! My team won the first prize with “Mindhole” – an original 2.5 D Mental Exploration Game with hybrid platformer and puzzle mechanics. We are also featured in an interview with the 3D Artist magazine.


About the Game:

You’re Clara, a bright idea trapped inside a creative mind. You are affected by unique memories and thoughts. To become real, you must escape the mind by overcoming the mental blocks, avoiding the distractions, seeking clarity and exiting through the Mindhole.

There are important missing pieces of memories scattered around the level, each one of them forms an integral part of a song. You will give birth to a complete song once you have collected all the missing pieces.

Click here to play the game prototype via Firefox

Click here to download the game(higher quality)


Team Credits:

Jing: Games Programming, Level Design, Music and sound effects, 2D Environmental Art, UI Design

Alex: 2D Illustrations, 2D Environmental Art

James: Games Programming, Level Design

Denise: 3D Character Art, Animations




screen.pngpiss yourself silly.png