Final Major Project Proposal

Describe the problem(s) you will be working on in your project and explain how they relate to the Learning Outcomes of your degree programme.



A Multi-platform Virtual Reality game in Unity. Set in the turbulent period of Chinese Civil War and World War II, the game recreates the Sinking of Aurora – a historical event that took place in the Chinese wartime port of Hulu. I aim to deliver an immersive and interactive experience which enables the player to go back in time, exploring the journey of HMS Aurora. The game is based on my grandfather’s real life story.


The interactive story is told through the point of view of Zeng, a 18 year-old boy who is fascinated by the sea and the world on the other side. He lost everything during the war and sought revenge by joining the Nationalist Army – where he got selected as one of the top 500 soldiers to be sent to the UK on a mission, training with the British Navy and eventually taking HMS Aurora to China, transforming it into the most powerful battleship in the Chinese Naval history. He soon became disillusioned with the corrupt Chinese Navy and joined the Underground Resistance, participating in a dangerous plot to seize of the ship and start a mutiny to defect to the Communist side, an act which changed the course of history.


Through a series of challenges, Zeng successfully carried out the plans with the Resistance soldiers. However, many friends lost their lives during the process and HMS Aurora was severely damaged by heavy bombing – the soldiers were forced to sink it. Zeng is emotionally overwhelmed as he watches the ship being destroyed, seeing flashbacks of memories from his past as the ship slowly sunk into the sea.


Problems I will be working on and how they relate to the Learning Outcomes of my degree programme:

Art style & Environment:

I will build on the knowledge and skills that I have acquired in the Advanced Graphics and Animation Module to create visual assets in Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite. All visual assets will be created based upon historical photographs, field trips to the Portsmouth Naval Base(where the story is taking place) and HMS Belfast(an almost identical ship to HMS Aurora) and family history research. The art style is strongly influenced by the 1940s’ Retro aesthetics. This project requires a solid understanding of the social and historical context.


Music & Sound Design:

I will be working on integrating the audio and the visuals in order to create an immersive emotive experience. I’m currently composing an Original Soundtrack and designing sounds for the game, collecting samples from the sea. The Main Theme – “Sinking Aurora” will be used for the game trailer and there will be an interactive music video:


Multi-Platform Development(Windows, Android, iOS):

Developing a multi-platform Virtual Reality Experience will build up my technical skills of programming. It also requires me to tackle the design of interfaces on a number of platforms.


Explain how you will tackle your chosen problem(s). Briefly indicate how you will go about evaluating your results.

I aim to work in the following order to tackle my chosen problems:

  1. Deliver wireframes and detailed description of gameplay
  2. Deliver characters and environment
  3. Deliver music and sound design
  4. Deliver a standalone version of game for testing
  5. Deliver of final builds for desktop and mobile/tablet
  6. Deliver of trailer video and interactive music video


I will make a weekly log of my project objectives to document, compare and evaluate my results. This will be updated on my personal WordPress blog:

I will also work on a series of prototypes and seek useful feedback from game meetup communities, my local media collective and Internet forums.


Explain how your programme of work will build on the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the course of your degree programme or elsewhere, with reference to specific taught modules.  If your proposed work goes beyond the learning outcomes of modules you have taken, explain how you will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.


My work will build on the knowledge and skills which I have acquired in the following modules:


Interaction Design:

Prototyping, Techniques for Interaction Design Requirements, Usability and User Experience, affective and Emotive Computing


Advanced Graphics and Animation:

3D Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Computer Animation, Ray casting, VR Interaction: locomotion, selection, manipulation, navigation


Data Visualisation and the Web:

Visualizing user research results, identifying and analysing patterns


Audiovisual Computing:

FFT, Sound Analysis, Audio-visualization


List any hardware or software resources you will need in order to complete your project.  If this goes beyond what is provided by the Computing department, you should confirm that you will have access to the necessary resources both while working on the project and at the demo and viva.


Oculus Rift DK2

Leap Motion

Google Cardboard




Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite

Adobe Creative Suite

Propellerhead Reason

Ableton Live


List some references which you have consulted or expect to consult in formulating and tackling your project problem(s).

Reading List:

Computer Grahpics: From Virtual Environments to Real Time


Game Design Workshop, Tracey Fullerton


How To Do Things With Video Games



Eve Gunjack – Samsung VR


CCP VR Labs:






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