Getting lost in the Colourful Fog of Ann Veronica Janssens’ yellowbluepink

After hearing all the hype, I went to the Wellcome Collection(which is one of my favourite places in London) to see this new interesting installation – “yellowbluepink” by light artist Ann Veronica Janssens. It seems that the installation uses a fog machine to fill the entire gallery with a dense mist, brightly lit LED strip lights senses input from a remote and rotate through the colour spectrum.

“Colour is caught in a state of suspension, obscuring any detail of surface or depth. Instead, attention is focussed on the process of perception itself. Janssens’s work is both disorienting and uplifting as the daily wonder of conscious experience is given renewed emphasis.”

This installation is part of the “States of Mind” exhibition about the intriguing human consciousness phenomena such as synesthesia, sleepwalking, memory loss, anesthesia and what happens when the conscious experience is undermined.

It’s very disorienting indeed – I kept bumping into walls and other people! The installation was interesting for the first few minutes, however I started to get a bit bored after the novelty of pretty multicoloured mist wore off. Perhaps it could be more interesting with some environmental music, interactive lights and a larger room with more twists and turns.

Below are some photos taken with my phone:


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